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Mr. Fun’s years of experience is reflected on the quality of his performances. It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70: you’re never too old to enjoy a good, fun magic show.
Magic Shows
Being a grown-up should not stop anyone from having fun, nor should being a grown-up stop you from hiring Mr. Fun for your events - his shows can also be tailored for all ages.
Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are Mr. Fun’s specialty, and he can turn an uninteresting birthday party to a magical experience of a lifetime. Anyone can hire a clown, a comedian, a balloon twister, a magician or a host individually, but why bother? Mr. Fun is all of them rolled into one!


Hello, and welcome to the online home of Mr. Fun Magic Show. If you’re looking for something to give your party a good dose of wholesome family fun, look no further. Mr. Fun offers a variety of magical and educational experiences aimed at kids...and kids-at-heart. 

Have an upcoming birthday party? Mr. Fun can turn an ordinary birthday party into a fun and entertaining experience guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime, regardless of age. 

The star of the show is none other than the birthday girl or boy, who will assist Mr. Fun throughout the show -- from the simplest balloon twisters to the bedazzling, “blink and you’ll miss it” sleight of hand tricks even grownups will enjoy. His sense of fun and wonderment extends to his many talents -- whether being a comedian, an MC, a magician...he can even do character voice-overs for commercials!
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Magician in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kids and parents alike will appreciate Mr. Fun’s “magic-ational” programs. These are perfect for preschool kids up to the fifth grade: Magic With Numbers, Magical Differences, Reading is are entertained and educated at the same time! 

Complete teacher guides are provided for class discussions and follow-ups -- perfect for inquiring minds who simply want to learn more. Young, budding magicians who are interested in magic tricks can also learn the trade. Custom tailored Junior Magician programs are available for after-school activities.

This program includes instructional sheets, hands-on practice...even their own wands are provided. Everything your kids will need. Starting from a simple clown-and-humor routine, Mr. Fun had since spent years perfecting his magic shows and guarantees a splendid time for audiences of all ages and are perfect for any venue. Take your pick: libraries, school fundraisers, picnics, fairs, church groups, grand openings, business events...practically any event that requires some good, clean fun. 

Contact Mr. Fun or call (414) 354-0215 to schedule a performance today!
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