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Birthday Parties in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Birthday parties are Mr. Fun’s specialty, and he can turn an uninteresting birthday party to a magical experience of a lifetime. Anyone can hire a clown, a comedian, a balloon twister, a magician or a host individually, but why bother? Mr. Fun is all of them rolled into one, and more! His ability to incite infectious waves of belly laughter in anyone who sees him is a wonder to behold. It’s all in the spirit of fun. Let’s face it, those “who wants to volunteer” call outs can be awkward at times, especially if the birthday celebrant is shy. But with Mr. Fun, the celebrant is the star of the show and becomes Mr Fun’s assistant – complete with his or her own magic wand! No more awkward moments, just spontaneous fun all around. 

Kids in the audience are encouraged to participate and are given their own magic coloring books, junior magic kits, and other novel giveaways. And yes, there will be balloon animals for everyone, including the adults in the audience.

Who said kids get to have all the fun? Mr. Fun performs at birthday parties for grownups too. Perfect for those parties with kids and kids at heart attending. Does the celebrant get to be the magician’s assistant, you ask, and Mr. Fun says yes, including the wand. 

Does the audience get the magic kits? Double yes. How about the giveaways and the balloon animals? A resounding yes to both. His act has been perfected through decades of spreading fun and laughter to people in the Milwaukee area, and can be tailored to fit and give life to any birthday party. Mr. Fun has been putting smiles on faces since 1976. Let him put a smile to yours. Click on Contact Us button or call 414-354-0215 to check for availability.
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