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Magic Shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mr. Fun’s magic shows are not your run-of-the-mill shows. It helps that his years of experience didn’t diminish his passion for fun, and his dynamic shows are a clear reflection: his magic shows remain fast paced, comedic and involves the audience at every opportunity. Having realized early on that fun is key ingredient to every good show, this became the center of his magic shows. Mr. Fun can tailor his shows to fit any event: children’s parties have more kid-centric fare like relatively simpler tricks, colorful balloons, and lots of audience participation. 

Birthdays are even more special: he makes the celebrant the magician’s assistant and therefore the star of the show; certainly more fun and more spontaneous than the usual “who wants a volunteer?” schtick. For events held in schools, there’s Mr. Fun’s “magic-ational” programs. These programs are centered on getting children in preschool to fifth grade interested in learning: there’s Magic With Numbers, a series of magic tricks with emphasis on mathematics; Magical Differences, described as being centered on “celebrating diversity”; and Reading is Magical, which focuses on getting kids interested in reading. 

Adventurous kids who are interested in making their own magic will be glad to know that Mr. Fun also has his Junior Magician programs for after-school activity time, complete with instructional material and hands-on training.

Being a grown-up should not stop anyone from having fun, nor should being a grown-up stop you from hiring Mr. Fun for your events – his shows can also be tailored for everyone. His shows are appropriate for libraries, school fundraisers, picnics, fairs, church groups, grand openings, business events…anywhere as long as there are kids at heart in the audience. His diverse talents extend beyond his magic shows and can also be a comedian, a host, and even do character voices.
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