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Magician in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bruce Nelson is better known to Milwaukee and neighboring towns as Mr. Fun. But he wasn’t always Mr. Fun: at a young age, he started with a comedy and clowning routine just for laughs and some lunch money. He then progressed to doing magic tricks in addition to his usual routine. After years of practice and enthusiastic reception from his audiences, he decided to take his act to a professional level, and by 1976, Mr. Fun is making the rounds in the Milwaukee area. Mr. Fun’s years of experience (he’s celebrating his 40th anniversary this year!) is reflected on the quality of his performances.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70: you’re never too old to enjoy a good, fun magic show. It’s easy to hire just any magician for parties, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be entertaining, or even fun: a few balloon twists here, an old slapstick routine there, maybe even a few tired card tricks thrown in; or in the other extreme, it could be an overly-serious act with death-defying tricks, but would only be entertaining to a few audience members. Mr. Fun, true to his namesake, makes sure the entire audience is having fun, and lots of it.

Mr. Fun also facilitates education through his “magic-ational” programs – magic shows designed to encourage interest in subjects such as mathematics and reading. These programs are designed for preschoolers to fifth-graders, and are complete with Teacher Guides for class discussion and follow-ups — in case the smartest kid in class wants to know more. Children and young adults who are interested in learning magic tricks will be glad to know that Mr. Fun also offers custom-tailored Junior Magician programs for after-school activities. Learning materials are provided, including instructional sheets, hands-on training…and yes, even an apprentice’s magic wand.
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